Attention Entrepreneurs, Solo Business Owners, and Creatives (including Writers, Healing Practitioners, and Designers):

How would you feel having your schedule filled ONLY with clients you love, steady streams of cash from work that nourishes your soul, and enough time for all of your new ideas… all the while knowing that you never again have to struggle to make money??

You’re about to find out!

Discover the proven system that makes it easy for you to create a CONSISTENT 6 (or even 7) figure income, reach more people, and build a business that’s wildly successful!

Dear World-Changing Visionary,

486766305It’s late. My husband’s asleep. But here I am. Writing this note to you. The moon is full and shining on the river outside my window and creating a wild display of sparkle!

And I can’t freakin’ sleep.

That’s because I went to a party tonight. And I met a woman named Pamela.

Pamela is self-employed and has been working her butt off in her business for six years or so.

She has some “good months” – where she runs around like crazy doing everything at once trying to keep up.

And she has some “bad months” where so little money is coming in the door, that she can barely get motivated to walk to her desk and turn on her computer.

And even though Pamela is strong and funny (and charmingly self-deprecating) on the OUTSIDE, she was obviously aching on the INSIDE. I could tell she wanted MORE from herself and from her service to the world. She knew she had everything it takes to be a huge success. (I remember feeling that EXACT same way in my life, so my heart completely went out to her.)

So, I gently asked her one simple question:

What actions are you taking to change this pattern in your business?

Pamela looked at me like I was from Mars.

“What do you mean?” she said.

So I shared one of my favorite quotations with her from Maya Angelou. It goes like this:

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

ThinkstockPhotos-474817585I told her that in order to change this pattern in her business, she would probably have to get out of her comfort zone and take some new actions in her business. “So,” I repeated. “I’m asking what actions are you taking to change this pattern in your business?”

She said, “Well, I’m not doing anything. I just figured that this is the way it is when you’re self-employed. Isn’t it?”


Pamela is everywhere. I meet her all the time. Maybe she’s you. To all the world, you look like you’re pretty strong on the outside. But when you look under the hood at your business – things aren’t so great.

Here are just a few of the problems you may be dealing with right now…

Your business got derailed – and you’re not sure how or why. You started with such a great idea and sky-high hopes. You were so confident and optimistic. But now you’re stuck – and you don’t know what to do next.
You’re caught in the dreaded “feast or famine” cycle. Some days you make good money. Other days, you’re checking under the couch cushions for spare change – and wondering how you’re going to pay the bills. You need a consistent source of income – and you need it fast!
You can’t gain any real business momentum. You’ve tried different strategies and tactics, but they’ve done diddly to make your business successful.
You’re in business to help and serve others, so why aren’t you making more money? Customers should be coming in droves – but they’re not. What’s going on?
You feel pushy or inauthentic when you try to market yourself and can’t help but wonder – shouldn’t people just find you naturally anyway?
You’re trading hours for dollars. Although you’ve got great clients and a great business, there are only so many hours in the day you can work. And if you take time off, the money stops coming. Surely, there’s a better way to earn a good living!
You’re overwhelmed by all the things you could do to build your business – and you don’t know what your most effective path is.
Your strategy for earning a steady stream of passive income has bombed. You have products. You’ve even written books. But you’re embarrassed to admit that you hardly sell any of them.

Here’s the deal.

If you’re like Pamela and just “figuring this is the way it is”… then it’s time to do something different, don’t you think?

Sign me up!

(Sorry. Don’t mean to hit you hard. But aren’t you tired of settling for the same old stuff year after year?)

So, what if I handed you an easy-to-follow system with EXACT STEPS you could take that would seriously boost your income
– and TRANSFORM your business to levels you’ve only dreamed of?

I know I know. You’re still a little skeptical about this. You may not even believe me yet. But when you UPLEVEL your business, your business transforms. (And so does your whole life!)

Here are just a few of the results I want you to imagine are possible for you…

  • You have a “cash foundation” in your bank account that lets you breathe easy because you’ve set up marketing systems that create revenue consistently.
  • Your mailing list of Ideal Clients grows while you sleep because you’ve automated a list-building system that works.
  • You get to say NO to frustrating clients who drain your energy because you ONLY work with your Ideal Client. (And you’ve already got a full schedule of them… so you can toss the annoying ones in the “Life’s Too Short” file!)
  • You ask for premium prices and GET THEM because you are so clear on the value you deliver.
  • You no longer charge dollars for hours because your Ideal Client pays you for RESULTS – and you finally know how to create packages that sell effortlessly.
  • You get to do only what I call your “super power” because you have a team of people who support you and take care of the stuff that used to drag you down.
  • All of those books and products you created? The ones that never sold? They are now flying off the shelves because you got strategic about how to sell them.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention how much more CONFIDENCE you’ll have inside and out. Not the “paste up job” you do now when you’re in public places. But real true confidence.

And then there’s the blissful feeling of “space to breathe” that comes from knowing it’s all working just right. (When was the last time you felt that? Ever?)

How do I know these results are possible for you? Well, not long ago, I was struggling, too. And I turned it around big time. THAT’S why I’m so passionate about helping you do the same…

My name is Christine Kane, and I am going to help you Uplevel Your Business (and your wealth, too!). That’s what I do best. And, I’m not afraid to admit I used to struggle, just like you.

Almost every business owner I meet says the same thing: “You don’t understand, Christine. MY business is different. This stuff won’t work for me.”

Well, here’s something you need to know about me.

I was a professional songwriter and performer, running my own record label. It doesn’t get more “different” than the entertainment business. (Some day, I’ll share a few stories with you over a glass of wine.)

But, that’s EXACTLY where I first mastered my money. (I was NOT born knowing how to do this. I was a train wreck!) Using my own Uplevel Your Business formula, I turned my business from a broken mess into a six-figure success story.

Then, I simply did a “plug and play” when I started my coaching business. I took the same formula – and applied it to a new and different business model. That’s when it got interesting.

(See, even though the coaching business is quite different from the music business, these exact principles and strategies work in ALL businesses.)

So what happened next?

I doubled my income in a year. I hit a million the year after that. And it’s only gone up from there.

Then, I started teaching this same system to healers, designers, surgeons, consultants, trainers, nutritionists, retailers, realtors, you name it. And they experienced the same kind of success.

And you know what? I never stopped being REAL. I never had to “man up” or “grow a pair” …or all that other BS people tell you about business. (Neither did my clients.) I just had to know what to do, and DO it.

Bottom line? This system works for ALL kinds of businesses.

The most common response I get from my students after a few weeks is, “The way you teach this stuff makes it sink in. I finally GET IT!”

Then, a few weeks later, they say this: “Hey! This stuff works!” :)

That’s because the Uplevel Your Business system has gone through years and years of real-world experience and real-world results. I’ve removed the stuff that didn’t work for me – and I’m giving you just the gold!

So take a deep breath, because today I have some great news for you…

You are in the right place right now! And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I brought my business from “zero” to “hero” – so you can recreate the same level of success for yourself.

Sign me up!

Not only did I increase my annual income by $65,000 within 2 months, and got a call from The Oprah Network™ — but for the first time in 20+ years in business I could truly see the path to major success unfolding right before my eyes! Thank you Christine for providing a platform to make dreams come true!”

-Cari ColeCari Cole
Vocal Coach & Artist Development Expert

So can you have a rock-solid, successful, Upleveled business, and still be authentically happily you? Well, here are just a few of the results I’ve Created after starting from zero…

uplevelliveOnce I understood the basics of Upleveling my business, wonderful things began to happen:

  • My tiny five-figure business shot up into the six-figures year after year – and is growing steadily! (And we’re now a multi-million dollar business!)
  • The retreats and workshops I offered sold out over and over again many times throughout the year – leading into a stream of regular income from repeat clients who wanted to work with me at a deeper level.
  • My first ever product launch several years ago (an information product based on those retreats) was a five-figure payday that continued to pay multiple streams of income even after it ended.
  • I’ve experienced TEN six-figure launches of products and services – and these are things I LOVE to teach because this is how I live my purpose in a much, much bigger way!
  • The events I offer now are sold out, in-depth trainings that attract heart-centered, high-level, purpose-based solo-business owners who KNOW that they are here to make a massive difference in the world. (Try spending three days with us some time! You’ll be Upleveled by the amazing energy alone!)
  • I only work with my ideal clients who I absolutely ADORE – which makes me get chill-bumps daily because I get to help them live out their passion and make so much more money as they tap ever more deeply into their own purpose and souls.
  • Every morning, I jump out of bed eager to face the day – LOVING what I do and KNOWING I’m fulfilling my purpose on this planet.

It’s the greatest feeling ever!

But, here’s an important truth…

As soon as I experienced the first module in Uplevel Your Business, I knew this program was different. The quality of material is far superior to anything I’ve seen before. And, using just ONE new idea I learned in the first few weeks, I got an instant return on my investment!

I’ve gone on to implement that same simple idea two more times in the past six months and generated over $5000 from it alone. Uplevel Your Business is a real-world solution to immediately jump start cash flow AND long term strategies to scale your business.”

Catherine Bickford-Catherine Bickford
Founder of Artascope Studios

The #1 biggest lesson is this:
You can’t just build your business and hope “they will come.”

179219474I admit it. When I first got started, I was a bit of a dreamer. I believed what they said in the movies. I told myself, “If I build it, they will come.” I thought all I needed was my great ideas and some hope.

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. Dreaming is good. There’s creative power in your intention.

But I learned something very important along the way…

While HOPE makes fabulous political campaigns, holiday messages, and public speeches…

…it makes a lousy marketing plan.

When you HOPE things will change, when you HOPE you’ll get clients, when you HOPE you’ll make more money, when you HOPE you can hire someone some day…

…you usually end up losing confidence by the minute, struggling to keep your head above water – and ensuring that your struggle is locked firmly into place.

Well, here’s where I tell you something that might surprise you (or even liberate you!)…


(Oh, and while we’re at it, let me also say that you don’t need a larger left-brain, a higher IQ, physical strength, superpowers, big boobs, younger skin, or more academic letters after your name.)

So what DO you need?

You simply need to know WHAT TO DO.

And that means you need to know where to start.

After that, you need to know – clearly and precisely – what steps to take.

And you need a consistent path you can follow.

That’s all.

Sound boring?

Maybe. But your bank account won’t think so when all that excess income starts showing up!

So, let’s set aside hope as a business plan for a moment – and let’s talk about the steps you will take to UPLEVEL your business and finally make the money that you deserve to make!

Sign me up!

Christine has a way of honing in to see any challenge at EVERY level – and then getting better, clearer and (dare I say it?) more soulful results out of me than I ever imagined possible! And she can do this with just a few easy-to-follow tweaks, a load of creative ideas, and some serious intuition.

(PLUS, Christine can kick your butt and love you to pieces all at the same time! Isn’t that what we all need in a business coach?)”

Lisa Larter-Lisa Larter

Here are the PROVEN strategies that will lead you to success… without hundreds of hours of research or courses… because I’VE ALREADY DONE THAT for you.

Uplevel Your Business 4.0 is a proven, field-tested system to show you how to CONSISTENTLY and CONFIDENTLY double (or even triple) your business – over and over again.During our 10 trainings together, I’m going to walk you through specific steps to help you Uplevel Your Business and transform it into a profitable powerhouse that supports your soul with creative consistent cash flow.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or if you’ve been a solo-business owner for years – you’ll discover and apply strategies in this system that will help you build an empire. All you need to do is “plug and play”… follow my step-by-step instructions, use my templates, model my samples – and you can get these same results in YOUR business.

Here’s everything you get in my totally updated 10-Part, 10-Week Uplevel Your Business 4.0 Program & Blueprint…

Module 1 – Be the C.E.O. of Y.O.U.

Be the CEO of YOUI want to give you the keys to the kingdom before you take even one more step.
What kingdom you ask? YOUR kingdom. Your empire. Your business! Look, you’ve got to claim this thing. And that means treating yourself as the CEO and honoring your business with vision and clarity. I’m going to help you build a foundation as well as create practices to live from an “Empire Mentality.” You’ll discover how to get clear on your core message and show up as a leader.
Trust me… this one’s a real game-changer.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The Foundation Formula: A Must-Do process for understanding your WHY, connecting with your clarity and owning your message and value.
  • The Million-Dollar Mantra you must live by that will transform how you show up each day in your business forever. (This is my personal SECRET for how to liberate yourself from struggle and resistance.)
  • A Starter-Kit of daily practices to keep you focused and aligned.
  • PLUS, the Module 1 Action Pack – with downloadable handouts, resources, and tools to apply immediately.

Module 2 – Identify Your Ideal Customer

Ideal customerIf you don’t have a crystal clear picture about the ideal person you best serve, then you will forever deal with…

  • Lowering your prices to compete with others. (Ugh.)
  • Attracting clients who “can’t afford you” (or who just kick the tires).
  • Trying to figure out your “niche.” (HINT: This is a waste of time!)
  • Catapulting through the usual cycle of monthly ups and downs.

In this module, you’ll nail down (once and for all) the essential characteristics of your Ideal Client and learn how to attract your “peeps” to you over and over again.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The “Ideal Client Clarity Key” that aligns you instantly with the person you are here to serve. (And most WANT to serve!)
  • The 7 “Uplevel-Me” reasons people hire you, and how you can use them to take the mystery out of your message and compel people to call you!
  • How to overcome the “I can help everyone” epidemic. (Which guarantees you will stay broke.) And how to get specific about your most Ideal customer.
  • The #1 Solo-Business Blunder that very subtly turns people off and actually creates wishy-washy attitudes towards you.
  • PLUS, the Module 2 Action Pack – with downloadable handouts, resources, and tools to apply immediately.

Module 3 – Define your Results and Communicate Your Value

ResultsMost solo business owners undervalue themselves. This shows up in unclear messages, cut-rate pricing, and a whole lot of struggle.Hey, the problem MIGHT be your mindset.

But more likely, the problem is that you’ve never taken the time to get clear about what the heck you actually DO for your peeps! You simply don’t know how to claim or communicate your value.

That changes here and now.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Why you are killing your conversions by sharing your process – and what to do instead.
  • How to turn “soft sell” offers into Must-Have results your prospects want. (HINT: Life coaches and healers must learn this one!)
  • But what if I’m scared of being an expert? No worries! I’ll cover specific strategies to take the fear out of positioning yourself as an Expert or Leader.
  • PLUS, the Module 3 Action Pack – with downloadable handouts, resources, and tools to apply immediately.

Module 4 – Design Premium High-Value Packages

High ValueDo you ever find yourself catering to people by: 

  • Keeping your prices low?
  • Offering hourly fees?
  • Giving discounts?

You think you’re doing people a favor, but the reality is… you’re keeping yourself and your clients small.

This is one of the greatest challenges to walk through when you Uplevel your business. It’s also one of the highest forms of service. You must learn how to package your offering so that you are providing the deepest level of transformation – as well as making a sustainable income that helps you serve at the highest level possible.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The 5 Extreme Shifts of Raising your Prices (It’s not as hard as you think – but it’s more than just tossing out a number too!)
  • Strategies for designing your first “packages.” (HINT: You’ve already got the raw material. This will simply provide the framework!)
  • How to Get Paid to Create a Group Program and risk absolutely nothing. (This is how I made my first $12,000 instantly, with no product at all!)
  • My own personal tips on Formats and lay-outs to consider for the best results, fewest returns, and happiest users!
  • PLUS, the Module 4 Action Pack – with downloadable handouts, resources, and tools to apply immediately.

Module 5 – Automate Your List-Building

Email ballCall it your “platform.” Call it your “tribe.”Call ’em your peeps! The name you give it doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that you have a list of highly qualified, self-selecting people who look forward to hearing from you.

It takes know-how to build your list. And I’m going to take the guess-work out of that. And even MORE IMPORTANT, I’m going to teach you the best strategies for creating a CONNECTION with your list.

After all, it’s not a “List” is it? (It’s PEOPLE!)

You want to grow a list of people who WANT to hear from you and want to work with you.

This training will show you exactly how it’s done.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • My Favorite Go-To Strategy for attracting peeps and HONORING them.(HINT: This builds trust super-fast.)
  • The #1 List-Building Mindset Shift that will Uplevel everything instantly. (This one simple shift is responsible for tripling my income in one year.)
  • The 9 Sources of Traffic that Will Build your List FAST and show you how to automate it all so it’s easy-peasy.
  • How to focus on the core activities that will build your list right now,even if you are in start-up!
  • How to choose the mailing list system that is best for your business right now.
  • PLUS, the Module 5 Action Pack – with downloadable handouts, resources, and tools to apply immediately.

Module 6 – Create the Best Valuable Free Offer Email Can Buy

Your free offer is how you build your list, right? So you should just be able to throw any ol’ thing up on your site and people will hand you their email, right?Wrong.

Here’s the deal. There’s a strategy to “free.”

You can build your list in a way that creates a high level of trust (and future sales!) – OR you can waste your freakin’ time and turn people off.

This module will show you how to do it RIGHT. I will also show you how to HONOR people by giving them something that they really DO want -something that will make them GRATEFUL to you and connected to you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 7 High-Leverage formats for delivering your VFO and how to choose the one that works best for YOUR peeps and your service (without costing you a lot of money.)
  • My Six-Secret Freebie Formula for what to include in your freebie to turn curious users into devoted fans!
  • My own personal copywriting techniques, audio hints, and lots of other valuable tips to help you sit down and get this step done so you can begin attracting customers!
  • An insider peek at some of the biggest mistakes you can make with free offers (and no, I’m not afraid to reveal my own embarrassing moments here, too!)
  • PLUS, the Module 6 Action Pack – with downloadable handouts, resources, and tools to apply immediately.

Module 7 – Get Your Website to Work While You Sleep

income risingPlease DO NOT make the same expensive mistake that almost every business owner makes!Do NOT go out and spend many thousands on a website. In fact, if you’re even thinking of building or re-building your site, please do this module first!

You’re going to learn how to build a site based in your new awareness of your offer and your message – and how to create a simple findable website that your prospects love to visit. You’ll also learn how to communicate with your designer and your programmer to get the best results.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Six most common website mistakes that actually repel people who would otherwise happily opt-in or subscribe!
  • My own simple secrets for creating connection and capturing leads with your site – no matter what page they’re on!
  • Opt-in box essentials. (You’d be amazed at how many people get this wrong and lose potential clients!)
  • The Three “WHY’S” of any effective website and how to make sure your site is doing its work!
  • PLUS, the Module 7 Action Pack – with downloadable handouts, resources, and tools to apply immediately.

Module 8 – Stay In Touch and Build the Trust

connectionsYou’ve probably heard marketers ramble on and on about how “the money’s in the list.”It’s actually not true.

The money’s NOT in your list.

The money is in your RELATIONSHIP with your list.

In other words, if you don’t know how to CONNECT with your peeps, you may as well close up shop and go back to the cubicle.

These days, it’s all about relationship.

And the BIG secret is learning how to build that authentically and automatically. I will teach you the in’s and out’s and HOW-TO’s of regular connection – from eZines to solo emails to newsletters, and beyond!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • SIX proven field-tested facts of consistency that will break through your resistance and accelerate your results.
  • How to choose which format will work best for your business, fit easily into your schedule, and most importantly, get the most attention from your peeps!
  • My own personal formula for delivering content and crafting an easy-to-read newsletter. (Without this, you risk confusing your peeps and getting lots of “unsubscribes.”)
  • A simple guide to open-rates, click-throughs and other stats to know and love!
  • PLUS, the Module 9 Action Pack – with downloadable handouts, resources, and tools to apply immediately.

Module 9 – Get Social

people and circlesThings are changing at light-speed. And the truth is: there are many tools that can help you make A LOT more money in your business. But how do you know which ones work best and how to use them?Take a deep breath. By the time we get to this module, you’ll already be light-years ahead of most people! And what I’ll teach you here will pretty much guarantee you’ll leave them in the dust! (Or more likely – inspire them to call you to find out how you’re doing it!)

Of course, there’s a way to use social media that connects and builds your business. And there’s a way to make it a colossal waste of time. Let’s get you on the right track!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Hot Insider-Tips from the experts on how to make money by just being yourself with blogging and social media.
  • Easy-Peasy Techniques for making social media a daily habit and showing up authentically!
  • The simple secrets for getting people to click over to your site using social media.
  • My personal favorite tools that make all of this stuff EASY on you, and fun to do!
  • PLUS, the Module 8 Action Pack – with downloadable handouts, resources, and tools to apply immediately.

Module 10 – Sell With Service

salesWhether your clients pay you hundreds, thousands, or hundreds OF thousands, it’s crucial to know EXACTLY how to attract them and offer your services to them. That way… by the time you mention your fee, their credit cards are out and ready!

(And it’s good to know how to do this without breaking into cold sweats or giving yourself a migraine!)

If you don’t get this right, you’ll keep dreading your “sales pitches,” letting rejection drain the energy from your day, and wondering how you’ll survive month to month.

This module will be your life-saver. My students have reported that it’s an absolute blast to have potential clients sign up on the spot with no coaxing or convincing or giving special discounts!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • My Exact Step-by-Step Formula to empower your client-introduction experience from start to finish – INCLUDING what to do AFTER someone signs up. (People who don’t do this piece often lose clients to cold feet!)
  • Simple Pre-Qualifying Secrets that help you eliminate the tire-kickers in advance (before you spend lots of precious time and energy) – and get your ideal peeps even more excited to start working with you!
  • Exactly how to set up your policies, procedures, and scheduling – so you make it EASY on you and your peeps!
  • PLUS, the Module 10 Action Pack – with downloadable handouts, resources, and tools to apply immediately.

PLUS the complete set of Strategic Action Packs are included in your binder as well…

When you sign up to Uplevel Your Business, in addition to all of these training modules, you’ll also get…


1) The entire program delivered to your doorstep in your very own sleek containment system: The Uplevel Your Business 4.0 Binder

…with transcripts of trainings and all the Action Packs.

PLUS TWO coach-in-your-pocket audios of my “best-of” coaching calls. This way you can follow along and highlight at will and have access at your fingertips.

PLUS the complete set of Strategic Action Packs that come with each module are included in your binder as well…

Each Action Pack includes:

  • You’ll get downloadable samples and templates of the marketing materials, scripts, and other elements that you can model for your own business – so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Worksheets & Clarity Builders
  • Master Checklists: Eliminate the guess-work and use all of my checklists to keep you on track.
  • My Million-Dollar Rolodex & Resources: It’s just like having my own private rolodex right there with you. All the products, services, people, tools and resources that I’ve used in my business.


2) 24/7 Access to the private Facebook forum with additional coaching access…

Get support from others who are Upleveling their businesses along with you. It’s like having your own virtual board of directors! Plus, one of our master coaches here at Uplevel YOU will be on the forum, helping you as you work through these trainings each week… so that is 24/7 access to getting your questions answered on the spot.

3) Lifetime Access to Uplevel Your Business 4.0

Busy? Of course you are! That’s why you can take a deep breath and just go through these modules at your own pace. When you register for the 2015 Uplevel your Business 4.0 Program, you become a certified Uplevel Lifetime Access premium owner. This means that you can come back at any time to the program you have purchased, review the parts you need or do the course all over again! (yes, as long as you may live.)

Sign me up!

So you may be thinking…

“Wow, there’s a lot of content here! How is this going to work, Christine?”

Well, here’s how it works…

During our 10-weeks together, I’m going to take you by the hand and give you all the knowledge, encouragement and support you need to supercharge your business.

Yes, your results mean THAT much to me!


Ten Weeks, Ten Modules, Packed-Full Binder, Group Support, Bonus Trainings… and we haven’t even gotten started on all the results you’ll get…

The investment to join me this time around for the Uplevel Your Business 4.0 Program & Blueprint is just $1497. OR, if you’re just getting started (or you need a little padding as you grow your business with me)… you can take me up on a payment plan option. It’s just 4 monthly payments of $397.

Sign me up!

Okay Christine… I get it. There’s a lot here in Uplevel your Business 4.0 – But hey, that’s more money than I’ve ever spent on my business. Can you help me out here?

505838389I hear you. The first time I invested in myself with coaching, I paid more per month than my rent at the time.

So yes, I understand the fear you may be experiencing. And it’s normal to be scared. Scared is actually good! It means you are about to step up to a higher level!

And here’s the real question.

Are you “spending money?” Or are you investing in your success?

Yes, it’s normal to feel scared at this commitment…

…but I don’t think your fear is really about the money.

Your fear may be more about the SUCCESS you know is possible!

You may finally be realizing that you can actually get what you want.

That the excuses are gone.

The same old story can’t hold you back.

And THAT, my friend, is more scary than anything else.

Because right now, you’re staring your own success in the face. (It’s like, “OMG! You mean I could actually do this?”)

But okay, okay, I know. You don’t believe me yet.

Let’s say it really IS about the money.

Well, with everything I’ve put into this program — the training modules, the Action Packs, the bonus training — I KNOW that not only will you make the $1497 investment back in a matter of months if not weeks – but you’ll also get multiple returns for years and years to come.

(One retailer who was in Uplevel Your Business just wrote me that she crossed the million-dollar mark within two years of doing Uplevel Your Business. Yes, she is still getting returns on these principles and strategies!)

But you’re hitting me with the tough questions. So let’s dig a little deeper.

Let’s explore a worst-case-scenario.

Let’s say you go through the whole ten-weeks of the program and you put very little effort into it.

Let’s say you spend most of your time watching Downton Abbey instead of doing the work. You implement a strategy here and a system there. You make a few changes to your pricing. And let’s say you get TWO new clients signed up in one of your new packages.

If you price your packages like most of my newbie start-up clients do, you’ll make $1,500 a pop. (And yes, my newbie start up clients start their first three month packages for $1500.)

So that’s a 100% return on investment. (Hello?)

And you didn’t really even try!

The real question is:

What could you do if you REALLY applied yourself and put the full force of your intention and commitment to it?

Well, then, the sky’s the limit for you, my friend!

Still feeling scared?

Got it. Fasten your seatbelt because I’m about to make this even easier on you and take all the risk out of it…

guaranteeI’m giving you my personal three full module Leap and the Net Will Appear Guarantee

Here’s how I do this.

I live what I teach. And this program simply MUST be life-changing for you. Otherwise, we’re not serving each other and changing the world, are we?

So I’m throwing out a safety net for you…

Register today. Join the program when it starts. Get everything out of it you can.

Then, if you don’t think I’m delivering massive value and, high-level authentic success-bringing information… write my team and mail back your binder before the end of module three (21 days) and I will give you a FULL refund of every penny you spent on the program.

If your business isn’t Upleveling – then get a full refund, keep the downloaded materials – and I’ll still love you anyway.

That’s how it works. It’s the way we run businesses in an abundant world.

So, dude (or dudette), you have NOTHING to lose.

(Well, except staying stuck, feeling overwhelmed, being a pawn, or waiting for the other shoe to drop – but hey, maybe you enjoy that!)

Sign me up!

So if you just need the basics, here’s the big breakdown of everything you get in Uplevel Your Business 4.0:

  • 10-Part 10-Week Uplevel Your Business Program & Blueprint
    • Module 1 – Be the C.E.O. of Y.O.U.
    • Module 2 – Identify Your Ideal Customer
    • Module 3 – Define Your Results and Communicate Your Value
    • Module 4 – Design Premium High-Quality Packages
    • Module 5 – Automate Your List Building
    • Module 6 – Create the Best Valuable Free Offer Email Can Buy
    • Module 7 – Get Your Website to Work While You Sleep
    • Module 8 – Stay in Touch and Build the Trust
    • Module 9 – Get Social
    • Module 10 – Sell with Service
  • Packed-Full Binder with worksheets, strategic action packs, and more
  • 24/7 Access to the Private Facebook forum
  • Lifetime Access
  • Bonus Trainings

Choose your payment option:


Select your payment options on the next screen.
Either pay in full for the price of $1997 $1497 or make payments!
The payment plan is 4 payments of $397 each, starting now and 30 days apart.

If you ever catch yourself thinking that, “Hey, this struggle is just how it is when you have a business,” then I challenge you (and I’m taking on all the risk here!) to stop making that excuse and start experiencing real success.

You don’t have to be a slave to your business and just scrape by. That’s no way to live your life!

(Well, unless you like that kind of thing. But, I doubt it!)

It’s your time to make a change.

Remember the quote from Maya Angelou… “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”?

Christine KaneWell, if you’ve been waiting for change, but not DOING anything different or APPLYING new habits, then THAT might be why you’re getting what you’ve always got.

Here’s a chance to do it differently, to learn how to do it better – and to BECOME someone who lives a successful, wealthy, service-based, soul-based, happy, authentic life – and knows how to create killer results in their business!

Hey, you’re ready. I promise you. No more excuses.

And I can’t wait to work with you.
Christine's signature

P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to contact my team at And be sure to sign up NOW. Please don’t delay. SIGN UP TODAY!

(Seriously? The only reason not to take me up on this no-risk offer is because you’re afraid of your own success.

Admit it…aren’t you tired of that same old lame excuse?)

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Uplevel Your Business had everything I needed to begin taking precious baby steps. The modules were clearly laid out in an order that made perfect sense. And the action packs have all the tools you need to implement the info from the videos. Christine is so generous in sharing all of the mistakes she’s made along the way (so her clients don’t have to)!

Thanks to Uplevel Your Business, I’ve stepped away from the day job and now am able to thrive and run a successful business doing what I love most… helping women holistically through menopause and beyond!”

Anna Garrett-Dr. Anna Garrett

Within a year of going through the Uplevel Your Business program, I had my first 5-figure month. Plus, I am making a better income than I ever imagined possible doing what I love.

I am living proof that Uplevel Your Business works. Thank you, Christine, for handing me a map that lead me to where I am today!”

Glad Doggett-Glad Doggett
Word Up Writer

I used just two of the lessons and strategies I learned, and that led to getting my first client within exactly 1 week. (That led to my first session 3 days later and to a glowing testimonial 3 days after that!) I have broken through the ‘getting a client’ barrier and I am hooked!

Thank you so much Christine and the awesome Uplevel team! I would never have gotten this far without you!”

Jen Blumenthal-Jen Blumenthal
Founder of WholeBeing Balance

I’ve worked with Christine in all of her Uplevel programs – including her Platinum Mastermind. What I will tell you is this: Everything Christine taught me and everything I have learned, absorbed and applied came to BE in 2011!

As 2009 came to a close, I launched a business based in my dreams and serving my favorite people on the planet. In the first 2 months of 2011, this business brought in over 6-figures in revenue, and I presented a SOLD OUT national conference with rave reviews from my members, vendors and corporate sponsors. Plus, my list has now increased 16 times its original size with new members signing up daily!”

Sue Ludwig-Sue Ludwig OTR/L
President and Founder of National Association of Neonatal Therapista (NANT)

I was lucky to discover Christine Kane. Imagine having a brilliant, creative, laser-sharp business coach embodied in this quirky, hilariously funny, plain-talking, direct and supportive girlfriend who figuratively holds your hand to walk you through the steps of building a business (and she knows her business!) – who will NEVER give up on you!

Wherever you are in your process of creating a business — I hope for your sake that you do what it takes to work with Christine! Your work and your life will transform!”

Lisa Zimmerman-Lisa Zimmerman
Owner of Soul Level Solutions

Uplevel Your Business has sparked a whole new vision for my business and life!

My artwork has expanded as well as other aspects of all that I’m doing. The most significant change is in the way that I think about my business. I’m going beyond anything I’ve ever done before with the intro of a new art collection. The Uplevel Your Business Program has given me more clarity, courage and strength every single day!”

Jordan Mercedes-Jordan Mercedes

When I needed some support and direction after three years as a solopreneur, I turned to Christine.

I had been reading her blog for years – and always felt like she was writing directly to me. Her messages and ideas always resonated with me. The guidance and blueprints she provides in Uplevel Your Business I have used over and over again in new client situations.

This program not only motivated me to clarify my business goals, it gave me the tools and concrete steps to do just that.

Christine is truly gifted in her ability to inspire all who are willing to listen. I believe that what I have learned will pay dividends to me – both personally and professionally – for many years to come.”

Diana Eastty-Diana Eastty
Eastty Marketing, the Storage Industry’s
Virtual Marketing Department

Uplevel Your Business gave me the exact blueprint and step-by-step process I needed for taking my business to a whole new level that I never dreamed possible for me. I have new programs in place for both of my businesses, and I am officially making passive income. And it just keeps getting better and better the more I apply what I learned! Take it from me – Uplevel Your Business is an investment that will pay for itself!”

Ruth Davis-Ruth Davis |

Using what I learned from Christine, I not only increased my income by $16K per year INSTANTLY – but my practice is now ALWAYS full! Plus, I’m expanding my services to include an entirely new program called Power Your Parenting™ – based on what I am most passionate about – mother/daughter relationships during the teenage years. Christine has helped me get clear and actually CREATE an amazing direction that I never saw coming! I’m now attracting new clients – and serving people in a much, much bigger way!

-Colleen O’GradyColleen O'Grady
Life Coach


Here are the answers to your most commonly asked questions.

What if I don’t have a business yet?

When you’re starting a business, what better way than having a framework! Christine’s Uplevel Your Business 4.0 program is designed exactly for this purpose. She has set up the modules to work from the very basic, elemental level to get you thinking in the right direction and so you can build on each step as you go. And, you’ll use this even when you become successful.

The first module starts with clarity and who your peeps will be. She then goes into your message, what you’ll be offering to them, how to create packages, etc. The program builds more and more and helps you get clear on how to create a list, what to do on a website, how to stay in touch with your peeps, what kinds of systems to build on the back-end to support your business and so on.

You’ll also get one free ticket to the event this summer which means you’ll be able to network with positive, like-minded entrepreneurs and you’ll be able to work on these things in person. Even just that aspect is worth the cost of the whole program, and then some!

Don’t forget that Christine is offering that three full module “Leap and the Net Will Appear” guarantee so you can actually go into it and really get a feel for it for a few weeks before making a final decision.

What if I’m in a different industry?

There are people in this program from all industries – from brick-and-mortar business owners to artists to coaches…corporate executives and those in product-based as well as, service-based industries — and everything in between! I am sure that you’ll find insights and value surfacing everywhere as you go through the modules.

But, My business is different…

Christine calls this the “Unique Snowflake” syndrome. She has found this is Ego’s way of putting up walls of resistance to what you really want. This training focuses on non-traditional businesses – not just coaching, but all different models.

Will this work if I am an Artist?

Christine was a musician prior to becoming a coach. She really understands the unique challenges of being an artist, trying to live your purpose, while being successful and making money.

A HUGE number of Christine’s clients are creative people like artists and musicians, from her Mastermind coaching clients to her Uplevel Your Business program clients. They have applied Christine’s marketing techniques to move their businesses to a much higher level, providing them with a steadier income; as well as, more time to do what they love.

What if I’m too busy to start a 10-week program?

Only you can really know if this will work for you. However, most of the people who go into Uplevel Your Business are juggling many things, and sometimes multiple businesses. We’ve found that managing your time is key as a business owner.

While Uplevel Your Business 4.0 is offered as a 10-week course, you have lifetime access to the program, and can go back to the modules whenever you need them or have time to dedicate to them.

How much time do I need to set aside for this program?

One hour to 90 minutes per week is a good framework, plus time for the Q&A calls, if you choose to attend. For those calls, we recommend that you call in early to get in the queue to have your question answered.

We encourage you to set aside enough time each week to do the work you need to do. You can decide and schedule your time based on what you can commit to.

What if I live outside the United States?

You’d be amazed at how many international people we have at our events and Masterminds!

Christine makes her program largely self-study, partially to help busy entrepreneurs and also to provide a program that works well for people regardless of their time zone. The Q&A calls are scheduled at varied times, as 30% of Christine’s clients are international. And, all of the calls are recorded so you can access them whenever it’s convenient for you.

One of the bonuses Christine is offering this year is the “Coach in Your Pocket” series – a collection of the best of her Q&A calls! (located in the front of your binder)

How does Christine differ from other coaches?

Choosing who you’re going to work with is a lot about who feels right for you. People have different ways of sharing similar material.

Christine really helps people see the structure of marketing, but also how to use their own voice and authenticity within their content. She teaches you how to think. She also teaches two sides of business, the mindset/soul track in addition to the strategy track. Christine works with the mindset and strategy blocks people have in running their own business.

My spouse/partner is not on board with this program?

It’s important to have compassion for them and their viewpoint. Have a conversation with them, and let them know why you think this could work for you. Get clear on what you most need right now, and share this with your spouse/partner.

For instance, if you are one of those people who has lots of ideas for things you can do in your business, but maybe not such great follow through tell your partner “I know I’ve had these ideas before, but this is really important to me…”

New business owners don’t have a lot of support. Here, you’re walking into a vortex of people who are really focused on your success! This could help you get clarity and bring your spouse on board.

What if I am not sure this is the program for me?

Don’t forget that Christine is offering the three full module “Leap and the Net Will Appear” guarantee so you can actually go into it and really get a feel for it for a few weeks before making a final decision.

If you do decide that it is not for you, then you can return it within the three full module period for a refund of any monies that you have paid.

Sign me up!

Legal Disclaimer

At Uplevel YOU, we don’t teach or believe in magic pills. We teach and believe in living, serving and earning at a much higher level than most people think is possible. With that said, Upleveling your Business and your Life is about your personal choice, inner growth, and taking lots of action. So, here’s the deal. We are legally required to remind you that we do not guarantee your results, income or outcomes if you use our tools, templates, strategies or secrets. We are here to deliver high levels of training and content that will hopefully serve you for years to come. Will you get the same results as other people who have worked with us? We have no idea. (We don’t even know you!) So, it depends on you, your decisions, your actions and your level of personal accountability. Got it? Good! Furthermore, nothing on this page or any of our websites is meant to guarantee results – and we do not offer legal, tax, financial or any other professional advice. The numbers on this page and on any of our websites are illustrative only – and should not be considered exact, actual or a guarantee of your future earnings. Thank you for visiting! Now, go forth and Uplevel the planet with your cool self!